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Booster pump, karena berfungsi sebagai pendorong atau meningkatkan tekanan.  

  • Indoor filter
  • Direct type drinking system
  • provided with 5filter 
  • With 3main function

1 > purifier

2 > energize

3 > mineralize


Nano Silver Sediment Carbon Block Pre-Filter

  • Compressed granular activated block coated with SilverSol-100 for better antibacterial function and high absorption function
  • This filter absorb ethylene dichloride, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, colour and harmful chemical material and chloroform.

Nano Silver Sediment Filter

  • Maximize the water purification effect from initial stage log removing various oxidized substance such as rust, dirt, sand, mud, microscopic impurities and bacteria

Ultra Filtration System is the latest solution to acquiring the clean and pure water you desire in a world so plagued by pollution today.  Compared to the conventional filter cartridge, Ultra Filtration System possess the pore size of a mere 0.01 micron.  Consequently, 99.99% of impurities and harmful residue in the water is not able to pass through it.  In addition, the large membrane area permits huge amount of water to be filtered at a time, thus resulting in a high flow rate that is capable of offering the entire household with ample quality water.  With density up to 0.01 micron, the appearance and taste of your daily water for consumption will definitely be more than promising.



  • Hot, Warm & Cold Water Dispenser
  • Model No: NWD346
  • Floor Standing
  • Compressor cooling


Voltage: 220V/ 50-60Hz

Heating Power: 750W

Cooling Power: 210W

Hot Water Supply: 6L/Hr

Cold Water Supply: 4L/Hr

  • 1/4" inches Standard Tube Hose.
  • Suitable for all conventional water dispenser & water filter system.
  • Durable & high quality.
  • Safe & food grade material.
  • Length: 3 METERS.


  • A pressure driven unit operation in which particulates bacteria and living organism are retained
  • Provides superior filtration process, leaving pure water molecules pass through the hollow fiber membrane.&
  • This UF membrane based technology able to removes up to 99.9% impurities so to meet various demand of quality water supply.

Hydronator Water DIspenser Model: FY2105T Suiotable for office use. Get it now


Hydronator Hot & Cold Water DIspenser

Model: FY2105F Suitable for office use. Get it now

  • Used to prevent dirt and sediment particles from entering and clogging the main filter
  • Hydronator Water Dispenser : MODEL : WD 6202-3C
  • Type: Direct Type
  • Water Supply: Hot, Normal, Cold
  • Dimension (mm): 350 (W) x 450 (D) x 500 (H)
  • Water Tank Capacity : Hot 1L, 85°C ~ 95°C 
  • Power Consumption : Hot = 420W , Cold = 95W
  • Supply : 230V / 50Hz
  • With 4stage filter